- My name is Marina Halak (art. GrosseAugenArt) and I'm a children's book illustrator and author.

- I was born in Ukraine, currently I'm living and working in Germany. I speak English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

- As a child I visited an art school in my town for about 5 years. Later I've studied architecture at the Polytechnical College in Cernowitz and than at the Polytechnical University in Lemberg. These years of school and study helped me to improve my academical painting skills.

- I always knew that one day I will turn my biggest passion to my career - I will be an professional artist. 

- Few years ago I've started my career as an illustrator. I visit a lot of online and offline courses and workshops, read lots of books, take a part in art fairs, competitions and challenges, work in collaboration with other creative people. All my skills, knowledges and experiences make me to a professional  illustrator who is open to new ideas and collaborations!

- I'm a member of german "Illustratoren Organisation" and of "Artists Association" in Böblingen, Germany.

- Represented by Beehive Illustration

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